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31 October 2001 @ 03:33 pm
Busy week  
Been keeping pretty busy this week, which is I guess a good thing! Lots of database stuff at work, that's fun yet very tedious at the same time. We've got over 130 tables in our database, it can get a bit difficult to work with. And I just added two more, yay me :P

Saw an episode of Farscape last night, which I had never seen before. Wow, was it bizarre. I want some of what they were smoking when they wrote that scene with D'argo and Crichton in a car on Makeout Ridge ;P

Gonna go pick up snow tires in a half hour. This'll make the trip to Maine in December a little more pleasant than usual. ABS, stick shift, and snow tires are a vast improvement over the old car, which had none of the above.

Something good: Hot soup on a cold day.

Something bad: I'm gonna have to store four wheels and tires in my apartment until I can find a spot to keep 'em. That'll take up...what, half my living space? My apartment's pretty small :P

Something disturbing: I had a cupcake at lunch which was about 75% frosting. I'm on a helluva sugar buzz now.
Current Mood: highhigh