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Well! I'm sitting here, writing my latest (and I mean late both as 'most recent' and 'very tardy') entry from a JavaNet net-cafe in Portland, Maine. Yay vacation!

I took a drive out last Saturday from Chicago to Portland, to visit the folks. Long drive. Very long. 20+ hours. But the new car handled it very well! Part of the reason for the tardiness on my journal recently has been on account of me being frenzied getting ready for the trip. But it looks like the only thing I forgot was my Roho con-badge for AC!

So, now I'm feeling quite relaxed, sipping a Fresh Samantha and lounging around. Nessus will be arriving later this evening, we'll head down to Boston tomorrow, then to AC on Friday. Fun!

I forget when I'm not here how relaxing Maine is. It's almost impossible to be stressed here...the whole state sort of has this easygoing vibe, which is quite good on one who's been stressed out in his job. I'm not looking forward to the return to work, despite the fact that I do enjoy my job.

In other news, miracle of miracles, the insurance company finally settled on my old car that the lady wrecked. Not only that, but they settled for the figure I had in mind, after doing much research on my old car! How about that? I was expecting a fairly long and pointless battle to keep them from giving me $80 and a bag of Chee-tos. Now if only Feren has the same luck with his Camaro.

My parents finally broke down and bought a boat. I won't complain about this, as I got to putter it around the Casco Bay. Lots of islands! It sure is easier to explore afield with than the sea kayaks...though the exercise isn't as good.

Speaking of kayaking, Dan (Crispy) came to Portland for the day on Monday. I think he had a good time, even kayaking out into the bay. Though he fell in when he tried to get out back at the dock by the house. Oh well :P

As a final note, on the drive out, I saw the most spectacular butterfly death I have seen to date. I was driving down I-90, and saw a pretty monarch fluttering along about 100 feet down the road. I admired it, until it swooped down towards my windshield, and proceeded to smack itself onto the crossbar of my windshield wiper. One wing went to each side, it was just like in an old Three Stooges movie where someone isn't watching where he's walking, and he smacks into a lamp-post!

Something good: I'm in Maine. Nuff said. I gotta move back here someday.

Something bad: I'm leaving Maine tomorrow.

Something disturbing: When I was buying snacks for the road, I saw Cheese Nips. The slogan was '100% Real Cheese Taste Explosion.' What the HELL does that MEAN?!
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