January 13th, 2004

Yeah I'm bad

Home is where the lung is

Well, for those what don't read feren's journal, the big news is he closed on his house today. Yay! Now enveri and I are all jealous! Everyone go over and congratulate him on 30 years of debt ;)

So, to honor the occasion, we took him to BD's, and got him most righteously smashed. We're on the way back even as we speak, and he's wobbling in the back seat after having a Satan's Whiskers, Long Beach Iced Tea, 3 Wise Men, Margarita, and Electric Lemonade. I think he's happy ;) A good time was had by all!

Oddly enough, though, I'm feeling kinda' mopey at something goofy. Since we're such regulars at BD's, they sometimes comp us stuff. Tonight they comped the meals themselves! Only, I was just a little hungry, and didn't want to spend the $15 just to get a bit of salad, so I hadn't eaten. And this is the 3rd time they've comped the meals...and all 3 times have been times when I wasn't eating. Kinda' hard not to take that personally ;) And I really could've gone for the soup and salad tonight!

Something good: House!

Something bad: Feeling grumpy

Something disturbing: Large Atkins selection at Jewel