April 14th, 2004

Yeah I'm bad

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Still seem to be updating this thing a little less often than I should, but ahwell! Life goes on, as per usual...some good, some bad, some just very busy.

First of note, enveri and I got Spots Illustrated fully up and running! She still wants to tweak the layouts, and I have some tweaks to make to the backend code, but overall it seems pretty happy. Thanks to haikujaguar and dracosphynx for providing some good examples...Had to teach myself PHP for this, and they gave some very useful launching points and ideas! Been great to see Genet's muse revving up again, too.

Tax time rolls around again. $354 federal, $2 state this year, both owed. Better than some, worse than others, and I'm curious why I owe proportionally more this year than last, what with the big 2003 tax break ;) (I think I might've actually jumped a tax bracket, since I got both a promotion and a raise, which might explain it :P)

Things at home have been pleasant. I've been using Saturday afternoons when Genet's at her gaming group to keep the apartment clean, and am discovering how much easier it is to maintain when done weekly than when done in a binge every few months ;) I've also taken up Battlefield 1942 and Command and Conquer: Generals, if anyone out there is ever up for a game ;)

Got a hugely busy weekend coming up...company arriving tomorrow, leaving Sunday, followed by lunch with captain18, then some volunteer work in the afternoon!

Something good: I think we've broken Marcus of his toilet paper chewing habits when we're out. That was getting expensive, he was destroying a roll most days!

Something bad: The annual Thomas Jefferson Muzzle Awards have come out. The award itself is a good thing (awarded to those who have greatly advanced the cause of stifling free speech), but most of the recipients fall firmly in the Something Bad category.

Something disturbing: Butt monsters!
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