July 18th, 2004


o/~ Home, home on the raaaange o/~

So, enveri and I are on the way home again. Got 965 miles left to go...we're just now passing Worcester again on the Mass Pike. Ugh...long drive ahead.

Had a great visit with the parents. Wednesday, just relaxed, and took in the Maine atmosphere. And the rain, the weather was a bit lousy. Thursday, we headed out to do some local shopping. Hit downtown Portland, for Bull Moose Records and the comic shop (Genet's now hooked on the Strangers in Paradise series). Then to Three Dollar Deweys for lunch and beer. More relaxing on the deck in the afternoon and evening.

Friday, we started off with a trip to Freeport, for L.L. Bean. Spent a buttload of money each...I got a new light jacket, and a bunch of new work shirts. Genet got some nice footwear, and a Bean's hat.

Ack...and we just almost got in an accident. Some taxi just decided to come to a sudden halt in the far left lane, to make an illegal U-turn in the middle of the Mass Pike. License number 22102, at 8:44pm, I might have to report that one :P Guy behind us almost hit us, I think Genet's car will need new upholstery!

So, anyways, Friday! From Bean's, we went on a bit of a drive along the coast with my mother. Headed up to Brunswick, for a light lunch of Mexican appetizers and booze. From there, we headed down one of the little finger-islands that stick into the Casco Bay. Harpswell, if anyone's curious. Headed to the tip of that, got some nice views and pictures, then headed home to grab my dad for the Yarmouth Clam Festival.

Though Yarmouth is a pretty small town, it does have one heck of a festival. People come from all over to sample the food, buy crafts, and watch the parade. My dad was selling balloons at the parade for the Rotory Club, so we had to get out there pretty much straight after getting home. However, parking downtown is at a premium during the festival, so we elected to head to the DeLorme shop, where they were running a free shuttle from the parking lot to the festival.

Being in recent possession of a new DeLorme Earthmate USB GPS, I was also eager to see if they had any fun accessories in the Map Store. It turned out that they had a pretty much brand-new product that was an even better match for my needs than the Earthmate. It's called the BlueLogger, and it's a self-contained, bluetooth-speaking GPS! The price difference between it and the USB Earthmate was $20, and they were happy to let me upgrade. I took them up on it readily.

Essentially, the basic Earthmate is $130. You can buy a battery/bluetooth pack for it, which is another $150. The BlueLogger itself was $150. And I was wanting to go bluetooth, so it was kinda' a no-brainer. It also had some other nice features...while the Earthmate simply reports GPS coordinates to a computer or PDA, the BlueLogger has an internal memory. You can tell it parameters for logging, and it'll quietly log while you're out and about somewhere. When you get back, you can dump the trail you took into any number of formats.

So, anyways! New GPS acquired, we headed to the festival. It was a lot of fun...We browsed, ate shortcake and greasy food, drank lime rickeys, and watched the parade. Good olf fashioned down-east small-town goodness! Headed home, and pretty much collapsed.

Saturday, we headed out onto the bay with the boat. I took the opportunity to try out the logging features on the BlueLogger, and it performed above and beyond my expectations! I may post our boat-route later, if I'm feeling particularly geeky ;) We went up the coast for a bit, poking into various coves. Had lunch under an osprey nest (on the boat, it has a little propane grill). The osprey had a couple chicks, which made quite a hungry little racket the whole time we were there! Headed back to port via a different route, getting out into open ocean a little. Saw some rather inquisitively cute harbor seals on the way back, which is always fun.

That night, we headed back to skorzy and beerhorse's place. Arrived around 11:30, shared some beers around, and crashed. Today, we got up, and headed into Brookline for shadowstalkerw's surprise birthday lunch. Was a blast! Had the four of us, was1, frostyw, points, tashabear, dark_wolfy, spunkywulf, and the guest of honor himself. He was pretty well surprised, it seemed! We had him convinced we weren't gonna see him again before heading back west ;) It was a wonderful time!

After gorging, we all went our separate ways. We went off to see Points for a bit, to finally meet his pups. We'd always thought he was using a bit of dramatic license to describe Shad's gas problems, but...well, let's say he may have actually been understating them in the past! All too soon, we had to leave, Points having rather a bit of indigestion, and us having a date with my sister.

From Points's place, we headed to Somerville, to see Ali and Andrew. Recently returned from Thailand, and recently engaged! We chatted a bit, then took them out to dinner at a pub. Around 7:30, we had to excuse ourselves to get on the road. Definitely need more time next time we do this!

So, anyways, onward we go! Down to 934.8 miles now...a mere hop, skip and a jump!

Somthing good: Lobster rolls

Something bad: Sunburn

Something disturbing: Skorzy's Boston-dining curse!
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