October 2nd, 2004

Yeah I'm bad


As part of the new place, we got a DirecTV setup, including a TiVo recorder. I can already feel myself getting spoiled by season passes, easy one-time recording, and pausing/rewinding live TV.

Unfortunately, the first two things we recorded on it were an episode of Ab Fab, and Iron Chef. This apparently broke the poor 'suggestion' program's brain. For a while, all it would record were really lousy UPN sitcoms. Apparently, UPN is a hybrid between BBCAmerica, and Food Network!

We've been liberally using the thumbs-down button to chastise the poor thing, as well as recording other shows of actual interest. As a result, we just got our first 'thumbs-up' hit...at the presidential debate! No, it didn't record the debate, but it nabbed the Daily Show's recap. I haven't laughed as hard as I did at Jon Stewart's commentary in quite some time. Yeah, it was more biased than an actual news show should be, but damn was it funny!

Bush: We will never succeed in Iraq untilthe Iraqis start taking matters into their own hands to defend themselves!

Stewart: (With very amusing, contrite expression) Actually...I...I think they are. I...I think that's kinda' been the problem!

(Please don't take the above as an opening for political debate. I merely thought the responses were highly amusing, regardless of political affiliations :P)

On the way to BD's now with Genet...gonna meet feren, duncandahusky and neowolf2 for tasty stirfry :9
Something good: Rebate checks

Something bad: Having a window juuust large enough that, for all the blinds websites out there, you go from free to $60 shipping

Something disturbing: The frequency with which Microsoft's ODBC dlls thwart me!