December 20th, 2004

Londo AUM!

Increasing efficiency!

So, the coffee machine here at work has found a great way to increase the efficiency of coffee consumption.

I arrived at work, and discovered I'd used up the last of my tea. Being resourceful, I eventually figured out that I'd be able to get some hot, caffeine-containing beverage from the coffee vending machine in the break room; it wouldn't be gourmet, but it would work. So I staggered to the break room, plunked in my 60 cents, made my coffee/sugar/creamer selections (strong, minimum, minimum), and hit 'Start'.

The machine proceeded to dispense the coffee without a cup, straight from nozzle to drain. As I sat there, sadly watching my caffeine being drunk by a surly appliance, I did have to admit that it was a very efficient system. From dispensed to disposed in under 5 seconds!

In other news, I must now take a moment, and go all fanboy, with all the SQUEEEing and WOOTing that that entails. kenket made me a conbadge! *fawn* I'm not worthy! Not only is it about the most kickass thing ever, it'll also make an excellent beer label when the time comes (with the raven's permission, of course!)

Christmas shopping is just about done. feren and I braved Gurnee Mills yesterday, which was just about the Worst Place Ever. He at least got out with a snazzy new leather trenchcoat! I still say we should've gone to Gander Mountain afterwards so he could buy a shotgun...see if the vaunted Homeland Security database is all it's cracked up to be:
"Sir, we see you purchased a tall leather trenchcoat, then crossed state lines to purchase a shotgun. May we have a word with you outside?"

The office is pretty much a ghost town at this point. I'm okay with that. Only here til Wednesday myself...Thursday, enveri and I leave for Maine. Yay, freezing cold Christmas! After that, a week off to work on house projects and lazing before the New Year.

Enough disjointed thoughts for today!

Something good: Power tools, courtesy of feren

Something bad: SASL

Something disturbing: Being actively taunted by vending machines twice in one week! (Gurnee Mills was full of Coca-Cola vending machines, with 'Thirsty?' written in big letters on them. Half were empty, the other half didn't take dollar bills!)
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