March 17th, 2005

Yeah I'm bad

Beer #3

So, for those playing at home:

Beer #1 - Scotch Ale. Lacto infection. Ruined.

Beer #2 - Dunkelweizen. Marcus infection. Ruined.

Beer #3 - Irish red ale. Very careful with sanitation and pets. No infections. Kegged for a party two weeks ago. At that point, was decent, though nothing to write home about.

Well, I can now give a St. Patrick's update on the Irish ale. After a couple extra weeks of aging in the keg, it's turned into a mighty tasty beer. Maybe I'm getting better at this hobby after all ;) And it's turning out to be a nice way to mark the day...much preferrable to the green Budweiser they're serving in most bars!

And hm, I've been lax about G/B/D

Something good: Computer upgrades

Something bad: Drama

Something disturbing: Waking up to find a new garbage bin in your driveway. I think Waste Management is trying to tell us that the huge one that came with the house is overkill ;)
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