May 6th, 2005

Mr. Hand


Okay, a little groggy this morning. Got back at 2am from the Serenity advance-screening. Was every bit worth it.

No spoilers, I promise. I will say, to the Penny Arcade fans out there; no, River isn't really made of chocolate. The Reavers are, but I felt that already came across pretty strongly in the original series. If you want to see more on the dark secret of the Reavers, I think I might've let a juicy little factoid slip in skorzy's journal. Oopsie doodle!

Will I go pay money to see it again in September? You better believe it. Actually, I would even if the plot had sucked (it didn't). Even if they'd made major changes in the characters and crew (they didn't).

I'd go for the music.

We were warned about that in a rather amusing little pre-filmed blurb by Joss himself, just before the Universal logo came up. He warned that the movie was still a rough cut, some of the effects weren't in, and the music was mostly a temporary placeholder for now. The effects...yeah, you could tell it was rough, didn't bother me at all. But I was surprised at how much I missed the atmospheric music from the TV series! If nothing else, I'd need to see how different the movie feels with its proper music in place.

But I also want to go see it again just to go see it again.

A huge thank you to takaza for the heads up on the tickets, and to him, duncandahusky, linnaeus, datahawk, posicat, and woodychitwn for making the evening a blast! And boos and hisses to a certain Institute of Technology for stealing feren away from our evening outing at the last minute!

Something good: Just barely making the $10 cutoff on validated theatre parking, thus dodging a $30 parking fee.

Something bad: Watching your friends who arrived less than 10 minutes before you just barely miss the same cutoff, and get the same $30 fee.

Something disturbing: Cappie-heads.
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