May 4th, 2007

Pkunk Insults

White Hen Pantry, Antioch (

Just a friendly little warning to some of the locals!

Some of you when visiting may occasionally stop at the White Hen Pantry at North Ave and 83, for gas or snacks. It is my recommendation that you no longer do so. enveri stopped there this morning, for gas and a soda. This is normal enough; we're nearly regulars there, living fairly close by.

When she went in to pay, the clerk promptly accosted her, and told her she owed them money. The explanation was that, during a transaction last week, the clerk that day had undercharged her. The reason given for the mistake was that 'it was really busy'. They took it a step further, though, and said that she owed them $7, right then and there.

When she understandably balked at being told that she owed a business $7 for their mistake, based solely on their word that she owed it to them, they got quite belligerent. They told her there was store video, and had transaction logs, and implied that if she didn't cough up the $7 or a receipt proving that she'd paid the correct amount right at that moment, the cops would become involved. She had to get to work. So she paid. White Hen got their $7, and will never see the business of either of us again. And we encourage anyone else up in our area to avoid them as well.

Hope they enjoy the $7!
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