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25 February 2002 @ 05:17 pm
That'll get the ol' ticker going!  
Got home today, and found a letter from the IL department of revenue. So, I open it...

"Please pay your balance of $723.25 for your Vehicle Use Tax by Feb. 22"

After my initial panic, I found a number to call. Called 'em up, and it turns out that they decided that the tax I paid on the car I bought after my accident last year was not to their liking.

See, the way IL vehicle tax works, is a '97 car bought for under $15,000 is taxed for a flat $165 (which I paid). Over $15,000, it goes on a scale based on price, starting at $750.

I paid $13,800. Apparently, without bothering to tell me, the state decided the vehicle was worth over $15,000 (which it is). So, despite the fact that the tax is based solely on the purchase price, they switched to Fair Market value, and charged me the difference.

On the plus side, if I send 'em documentation proving I paid $13.8k, they'll remove the charge. I've got the loan information, the documentation on the original tax I paid, and I'll get the title/bill of sale from my Credit Union tomorrow.

The other amusing things about this are that:
1. This is marked as a 'Final Billing' notice. I never received an initial bill (like most people, I'm a little reluctant to throw stuff from the IRS out unopened).

2. As mentioned above, the payment due date is Feb 22. The postmark on the envelope was also Feb 22. Nice one.

Least it sounds like I'll be able to get this all sorted out!
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