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10 April 2002 @ 10:14 am
Several of my friends have been tweakin' the styles on their LiveJournals, and I thought I'd join in. I'm working on a new Friends list style, with the intent of having the page sort the entries by the last edit date (such as a posted comment) rather than the original entry posting date. Unfortunately, based on the variables offered, it doesn't look like this'll be possible. Where have other folks been getting their dev tips? :)

In other news, the dentist sucked...My traditional semi-immunity to lidocaine showed up in full...the first time he started drilling, the tooth wasn't in the slightest numb. Even once things were pretty dead, I still felt it very strongly, as a sharp, intensely cold pain. But bearable, and now it's over with :) Hope to keep from getting any further cavities for a while!

Dvorak update: Definitely up to a good, comfortable typing speed now, wrists definitely happier. Definitely getting harder to switch between qwerty and Dvorak now...might be due to the fact that I've barely used qwerty for a couple weeks. Another week of mostly Dvorak, then I'll see what can be gained by working a little qwerty practice back in.

Something good: First of my larger paychecks comes tomorrow morning!

Something bad: The smell of drilling enamel, and the taste of the sealant they put over the fillings. Guess the lidocaine didn't numb my tastebuds, either ;P

Something disturbing: The sensation I got in my tongue. I can tell my dentist is a crack shot with the needle, cause he numbed the whole area where he was working, but very little else. But as he was injecting, I got this popping sensation in my tongue, like I had Pop Rocks in there, or something. He must be hitting the nerve almost directly, or something. Never felt that before.
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Chrisfrostyw on April 12th, 2002 04:43 pm (UTC)
I reimmersed myself in Dvorak today at work. I picked a light workday to do it. (In fact, I'm typing in Dvorak now.) I figure if I force myself back into it and learn the typing patterns for the more common words, I'll build my proficiency. The toughest Dvorak letters for me right now are the f, g and getting the u and i backwards. I also find that if I close my eyes and relax, I can increase my Dvorak proficiency for short periods of time. Part of my frustration comes from seeing a mistake and wanting to immediately wanting to correct it, getting it wrong again, getting more frustrated, etc.

I've on more than one occasion considered getting a Dvortyboard, particularly the 2001 DQE.

Any hints?
Brendan: RLroho on April 12th, 2002 04:52 pm (UTC)
Re: Dvorak
The only real hint I have is about switching back to qwerty. I noticed the *exact* same thing in terms of relaxing, and the corresponding tenseness when you make mistakes, and can't fix them. What I'd do when it got bad is switch back to Qwerty until I'd relaxed again...dunno if this'll work for everyone, since the switch could cause even more tenseness.

I personally haven't considered getting a Dvorak keyboard, cause I need to be able to look down at the qwerty layout to switch back :)
Chrisfrostyw on April 12th, 2002 04:55 pm (UTC)
Re: Dvorak
Actually, the DQE 2001 has small Qwerty characters stencilled on it.