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Monday, Mon--*GAAK*GAAAAAAK*

Little Dennis Leary quote up there for the title.

So, I had a weekend. A rather interesting one, at that, which makes two in a row...Anthrocon, then this one. I'm gonna go flat broke soon at this rate!

Friday night was Blueman Group. Was a fun evening, despite the fact that half the group seemed to have decided that that night was 'Harass the Fennec' night. I won't say which half :P Kinda' annoying, but the show still kicked ass. I really lack words to describe it. Perhaps 'Landscape Nude Sucking Vacuum' would work =P Took off pretty much right after the show, to a) put an end to the taking-of-shit ritual in process, and b) keep Nessus from exploding from cat dander :P

Saturday was spent in procuring electronics for the visiting Dane. He found the digital camera he wanted at CDW, but they had to order it. Should get here this week. Also picked up a UPS for myself, since ComEd can't seem to keep the power least now my ISDN connection won't croak each time they jiggle the toilet handle in the mens' room, or whatever it is that they do that causes brownouts on a weekly basis. I also redeemed my Abbott award thing for the full $100 at Best Buy...I shall pick up a PS2 there when it arrives, so that I may watch DVDs, including the Blueman one I got at the show.

Sunday, I went downtown again. I've driven in downtown Chicago more in the past month than in my life leading up to it. I think this marked my 5th downtown trip of the month, and I'd driven downtown 3 times before that. I'm getting better at it. Went to visit a Russian friend, who'd been working in the city...he'd been scheduled for a return to Russia around now, but his contract was extended for another month, so I did what any red-blooded American would do...I took him to Dave & Busters on Clark Street. He seemed glad of the experience...he'd seen things like that in movies before, but never been to one. Kind of amusing, since for months he'd been living one block from the place!

And now, the return to work. Another week, another buck, or whatever.

Something good: Should be getting my static IP today for my ISDN line. Small thing, but a good one.

Something bad: I have very little money left for Colorado this weekend. Bleh.

Something disturbing: The Big Lebowski. Saw it Saturday. Disturbing only begins to describe it.
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