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01 July 2002 @ 09:10 am
Definitely glad this is a short week ;)

Saturday was spent relaxing, running a few errands, light stuff. Also looked for a copy of Civ II Gold Multiplayer, so that Kes and I could at least waste time on the same world, but it was not meant to be (nothing at Best Buy or GameStop). Ahwell!

Sunday, we got up early for Summerfest, not knowing when the others were planning to head up. Got in touch with aureth, got a time, and got ready. Remembering the dehydration headaches feren and I enjoyed last year, decided to put the new cooler Kes's folks left us to good use. Lots of bottled water.

Met up with the others, and after a quick stop for lunch and ice, we were off! jenwolf provided both the tickets and the location of the top-secret free parking spots (thanks for both!), and we got in a little before 3:00. Feren kept us updated on our walking distance via his new GPS toy, which I covet.

Folks...there is no better way to suck every last drop of water from your body than by wandering around in 100-degree weather while drinking alcohol. Good times! The three boozers all acquired beers pretty quickly, while Kes and Jen stuck with water and colorful ice, respectively. We spent a while wandering between the various venues, catching a few songs from each of a great many bands. To me, that's the best part of Summerfest...good company, good beer, and good food in the great outdoors, with a constantly-changing background noise of live music.

After wandering for a while, we found the same spot as we had last year, on the rocks by Lake Michigan. A pleasant time was spent nursing beers, chatting about life in general, watching the boats dodge the rocks, and listening to the music. And, I must add, deriving a great deal of pleasure from the lake breezes!

After we left our perch on the rocks, we wandered through some of the craft booths. Saw some nice pink and leopard-print cowboy hats, that would've gone great on Rolando, and some nice wood carvings. And llamas, five dolla!

Next up, grease. Kes, Jen, and m'self all went for the cheesy goodness at Saz's booth. Fer went for roasted corn, which he ate with such alacrity that the rest of us were rather terrified. I won't mention the incident with Jen and the cob. Aureth went for a Culver's butterburger, which is a truly disturbing concept.

We wandered over to the techno stage, to listen to two guys spin up some decidedly mediocre music while we munched. But the people watching was first rate, as we got to see all the teens dancing to the techno! After a little while, we tired of that, and decided it was about time to head out (it was evening by this point).

So, we trekked back to the cars, and discovered that they had indeed not been towed from the uber-secret free parking spot. Jen, I'm sorry we ever doubted you! ;) Feren reported that we'd meandered just under 3 miles all told. We then dove into the cooler, and everyone chugged a bottle or two of water. Talked for a while there, then went our separate ways!

Overall, a fun weekend. I look forward to doing Summerfest again next year, if I don't go to catch Midnight Oil on Saturday!

Something good: Cold water dumped over your head on a hot day.

Something bad: Dehydration.

Something disturbing: Aureth's incident with the sunblock!
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Mitchpogo101 on July 1st, 2002 07:58 am (UTC)
The universe is expanding -- especially at Culver's
Every time I visit my sister in Wisconsin, we all go to Culver's to eat such slimming treats as Butterburgers, shakes and frozen custard.

Everytime I return home, I weigh some number of pounds more than I did when I left.

I think there might be a connection.
B-Rock The Islamic Shock Hussein SuperAllah Obamabrianblackberry on July 1st, 2002 09:14 am (UTC)
Civilization II
You may have to check out Microprose's website for any of the Civilization II stuff, or a store like Electronic Boutique or Software Etc. which carries some old titles.

Since Civilization III came out a few months ago, I am not surprised that all the Civ II stuff disappeared.

You should consider switching to Civ III, it is a truly awesome game =) I know I am addicted. Right now its version 1.21 (you can update it from their website if your copy isn't that version). There is an expansion pack already coming out later this year that will have multi-player support and scenario editing (Civilization III: Play the World
Brendan: Micahroho on July 1st, 2002 01:39 pm (UTC)
Re: Civilization II
I'd been waffling on getting Civ III, cause I didn't know anyone who'd personally played it much, and the online reviews were decidedly mixed. I think I might have to go give it a try, now that I've heard at least one person I know is addicted ;)

I just hope the computer/player battle imbalance isn't as bad as was reported on some websites (like phalanxes beating battleships ;P)