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So, it's about T-minus 8 hours til my parents arrive. They actually should be getting to the airport within the next hour or so, but they're renting a car and spending the day in Chicago. Then they're coming back to the suburbs, checking into their hotel, and meeting me at my apartment around 5:30.

Gonna be good to see 'em, they only get to come out once a year or so (they live in Maine). I visit out there a little more often, cause, well, I like it out there, and they've got more room to put me up than I have to put them up ;) We'd planned to see the lake, and the Jelly Belly factory tomorrow, but the outdoor stuff might have to wait if it's gonna be thunderstorming.

This'll also be their first time meeting enveri. I'm hoping all goes well there! We've spent the week getting the apartment presentable, and I think it turned out rather nice. Only thing left to do is clear off my desk when I get home.

Not too much else been going on this week. Did my blood donation yesterday, the nurse wasn't terribly good. Needle hurt like hell going in, and continued to sting all throughout the donation. The nurse basically said, "Just bear with it." Umm, okay, but I donate pretty regularly, and this feels a lot different than normal! Anyways, got through it, and it also took my arm much longer than normal to stop bleeding. I dunno what she did :P

Something good: Abbott stock picking back up. Whole healthcare index died for a couple weeks there.

Something bad: Bitey spiders

Something disturbing: Having an executable crash not only take down your system, but render it unusable (had to rebuild my profile).
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