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16 August 2001 @ 11:48 am
o/~ Rocky mountain hiiiiiigh o/~  
No, I'm not actually a John Denver fan, the lyric just seemed appropriate.

So, I just got back from Fort Collins, Colorado. Was having a little gathering with the folk from my EverQuest guild. Yeah, I know, I'm a geek. But even though I don't play as much as I used to, we're still a very close-knit, and I was expecting a good time.

It was a BLAST.

Friday, I arrived with Nessus around 10:30pm, after some flight mishaps. Drunken debauchery ensued, with a crowd of some really fun people. I'd been on the move continuously since 4am Colorado time at that point, though, so after a beer and a few shots (one of tequila, bleh, then vodka and gin) I was ready to cash in.

Saturday, we started off by SCUBA diving. Nothing too fancy, since most of us weren't certified, but we all plunked into a pool with gear on and got some basic lessons. I'm thinking of getting my certification, since I know lots of people go diving on Lake Michigan. There's even a few wrecks! Was quite fun.

Later that evening, there was a party at the local Elks Lodge. More boozing, with fun chatting, dancing, and games. An interesting guest showed up, the girl who modeled for the cover art for EQ's latest games. They modeled the cover elf after her pretty closely, all right. Nessus got some good movies of the guildleader dancing drunkenly with various people.

Sunday, we did games, and a ropes course. The initial games were a mix of interesting team-building exercises, and froofy summer camp type games. The former were interesting, the latter were just plain silly. Of note in the former was the one where 14 people line up in 2 lines facing each other, and hold out their index fingers...a very light tent pole is set across all the fingers, and they try to set it down across two traffic cones without anyone's finger(s) leaving the pole. Sounds easy, but you'd be amazed...everyone trying to keep their fingers from coming off of it kept it going up, and it took a lot of teamwork to get it to move downward.

Then we all got a chance to get scared witless on the ropes. There were 3 obstacles in use...one where you try to jump from the top of a 25-foot (or thereabouts) pole to catch a trapeze hung at about 30 feet, one where you try to cross a bunch of hanging rings likewise at 30 or so feet, and one where you cross a log (again at about 30 feet). I tried all 3. I did okay on the crossing-the-log one. Ditto for the trapeze one, where the hardest part turned out to be getting yourself from climbing a pole to standing atop it and balancing there. I did grab the trapeze, though! The rings, I flubbed on, though...got to the 2nd ring, and couldn't reach the 3rd. Damn short fennec arms. Anyways, here's a few shots of a fennec doing stupid things:
Getting ready to jump
Hanging about
Gratuitous crotch shot
Coming down
I'd just crossed the log, and they told me to now cross back.

The flight back was delayed. I hate the airport method of notifying passengers of delays. You sit at the gate until 3 minutes after takeoff time, then they announce a half hour delay. You wait at the gate til 5 minutes after that takeoff time, and they push it up again. And you never hear a thing about what's going wrong. If they'd just be honest and say, "We're sorry, but the incoming flight was 2 hours late taking off, and will be arriving at the gate 2 hours late," you could just slope off for a burger or something while you wait, but instead, you have to wait at the gate watching the boards for each precious bit of information they're willing to release.

Then of course, on the flight back, Nessus and I were seated by screaming kids. These kids were not only screaming, they were slurping, running, and creating powerful odours in their diapers. This goes back to Feren's rant about controlling your progeny again. The parents weren't doing anything about controlling their kids...and for some reason, what rankled me the most about it was watching the mother sit there with a serene, contented expression on her face, stroking the bulge in her abdomen that I can only assume was yet another one of these ill-behaved monsters on the way. Should be the same with children as with food...take only what you can handle!

So, anyways, I'm home now, and so is Nessus, and a month of chaos comes to an end. A visiting Dane, driving to Maine, Boston, Philadelphia, a furry convention, an EQ gathering, Blueman Group, and various other excitement, I'm looking forward to some ass-time!

Course, none yet...first, I've gotta head to court today. They want me there for the case of North Chicago vs. The Woman Who Killed My Car.

Something good: I'm getting an extra week of vacation next year.

Something bad: I could really use it this year.

Something disturbing: If I stay here another 29 years, I'll get 6 weeks.
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Rebeccageloe on August 16th, 2001 10:30 am (UTC)
As for the pictures...
Short arms or not, fennecs are completely bloody insane. Eek. ;)
Aurethaureth on August 16th, 2001 06:16 pm (UTC)
So that's why you went to Colorado. :) Cool. I think I remember you mentioning that you were thinking of going to this, but I thought you had decided not to.

BTW...those links completely fail to work. For me, at least.