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enveri made me nifty new fennec moodicons! They're so cuuuuute ;) I'm gonna have to start posting from home more (or getting drunk at work) so I can use the excellent drunk one!

Weekend went quite well. Parents definitely liked the cheetah, and vice versa! Friday, the parents were pretty tired, so we took 'em to Portillo's for Chicago hot dogs. Those were a definite hit! Then it was pretty much bedtime.

Saturday was much busier. In the morning, we did a little poking around on my car, then went to the Jelly Belly factory tour up in Wisconsin. Turns out the tour's actually just in a warehouse, which isn't quite as neat as seeing the factory itself, but they had lots of equipment and videos out, which made it pretty cool. And there's a huge Jelly Belly store out front. I ended up buying a pound of Bertie Botts' Every Flavor Beans, since you can buy 'em in bulk there (they normally come in little bags and boxes, for about $2 an ounce :P) The normal flavors were, of course, quite good. The grass and dirt tasted like the way freshly-mowed grass and wet earth smell. The spinach and black pepper were eerily accurate (though the texture on the black pepper makes it even odder; you expect that flavor to crunch, not squish). The earwax was pretty much nondescript. The sardine and booger were truly nasty (booger for the flavor and texture, and sardine for the very accurate flavor, bleah ;P). I haven't tried vomit yet.

Meant to bring a good bit of the bag in for work today, and leave 'em out where people can snack on 'em ;) Forgot today, I'll have to do it tomorrow!

Saturday evening, we hit the new version of our favorite cajun restaurant, Crawdaddy Bayou. Well, picture your favorite restaurant being bought out by a limply-done sports bar, and you've got a good idea of what happened (this doesn't count if your favorite restaurant is a limply-done sports bar ;P). No ambiance, very limited menu, no neat hot sauces, no zydeco music...ahwell. The remaining food was still quite good, but I dunno if we'll go back. The new location is quite a bit out of the way. I'm holding out hope that the old building will become a new cajun restaurant, cause, well, it's either that or whoever buys it will have to completely remodel it from the inside out. It's pretty distinctively cajun ;)

Sunday, we did our own cajun lunch for the parents...well, mostly enveri did it, I just tried to stay out of the cajunkitty's way ;) Gumbo, cornbread, and salad, with a blueberry dessert :9 Came out really tasty, and everyone left feeling far too full ;)

Parents had to leave right after lunch, so we spent the rest of the weekend decompressing from the visit. Having parents visit is by definition stressful, even if it's fun and not too chaotic! Now, I'm sitting at work, posting to LJ for lack of anything else to do! I'm sure that'll change soon :P

Something good: Sprecher's Black Bavarian lager

Something bad: I've lost my source of muffulettas!

Something disturbing: Who was the guy at the factory who had to taste-test the booger and vomit beans for realism?!
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