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11 October 2002 @ 02:33 pm
Been quite a long time since I've updated this thing!

Okay, first of all; the move. Moved to a new apartment last month, and god, is it nice. Having clean laundry without having to worry about stockpiling quarters. Having room to work in the kitchen. Being able to have all appliances out in the kitchen, and *still* have room to work (in my old place, had to put away one appliance to use another.) It's so much more *homey* than the old place.

Work's been going very busily, but well. We're proceeding at a rapid pace on the project...and they just announced massive layoffs. I wasn't hit. lumin_esc wasn't hit. I was about to think I'd escaped unscathed, that nobody I knew had been laid off...then I found out today that all of my former team was gone. That's like 15 people, all chopped off. Ugh @.@

Also, I'm a year older today. 25. Kinda' depressing, it's the last birthday for the next 40 years where you get some new benefit for turning that age! (18, you can vote and are adult. 21, you can drink. 25, you get huge discounts on car insurance. 65 is the next one I can think of, when you start getting AARP discounts :P).

You ever get a birthday present that you had no idea you wanted, but once you get it, you know it's exactly what you wanted? enveri did that to me...got me a mini-bar/wine rack. Fits perfectly in the apartment, lower area holds 16 wine bottles, middle holds a decent amount of stemware, top fits all my liquor bottles ideally. It's very elegant, and just perfect for someone who enjoys cooking with cocktails :) (I'm not much of a drunk, but I see mixing drinks as akin to cooking...you can make something that'll get you full/drunk as fast as possible, or you can take it as a craft, making food/drinks that give a full experience to all the senses simply for the sake of the experience. I'm aspiring for the latter ;) )

Other stuff that's nice in the new place! Full cable spread...I get Food Network, Animal Planet, Cartoon Network, and all the discovery channels now, for less than I was paying before for *not* having them. DSL went in without a hitch, and we're getting *great* speeds. The E-mail/web/etc server on the DSL line is working great, despite the dynamic IP address, and I've switched to OpenBSD. Many thanks to feren for the suggestion! I've run Linux for the last 5 years, and I've gotta say, OpenBSD is much more the 'Real Server' OS to Linux's 'Hacker Workstation' OS. It's beautiful!

Something good: Getting treated to drinks at lunch by your coworkers.

Something bad: Returning to work slightly wobbly.

Something disturbing: The state of the world in general @.@
Current Mood: drunkdrunk
Francisco Azinsanfrysco on October 11th, 2002 01:08 pm (UTC)
Happy birthday! =)

Personally, I wouldn't run OpenBSD, preferring to stick with FreeBSD or NetBSD instead. There's been a nice bit of controversy about OpenBSD and someone highly involved with it - Theo de Raadt. I'm not sure on the details, but I know that there's political stuff involved. (It's so fun working in a place where there's people who are involved with both the FreeBSD and NetBSD projects :>)
Brendan: Micahroho on October 11th, 2002 01:14 pm (UTC)
Yeah, as far as I can tell, Theo is a bit of a PitA, much as what's-his-name-Stallman is for the GNU project. But that doesn't seem to stop the platform itself from kickin' it pretty good, it just means there's really anal rules about downloading the ISO images ;) Pretty much, as far as I can tell, most of the problems with OpenBSD *are* political, and mostly don't affect the final product. FreeBSD and NetBSD would probably be similarly secure and server-friendly :)
Andyngeran on October 11th, 2002 01:34 pm (UTC)
Ooooo! Happy Birthday, Mr. Fennec! Welcome to the wonderful world of lower car insurance :D Course, getting the new car at right about the same time, I didn't see much of a drop. But it's lower than it would have been under my old rates. That's a good thing.

*grins* And AARP isn't as far away as you might think. I think my folks got it a few years back, and they're right around the 55 range. They enjoy the discounts when the come to visit and all (since I don't yet have a home with a guest room quite yet...)

And I know you've mentioned it before, but where's the new place you're at? IIRC, you guys were planning on moving south, right? Like, somewhat closer to where I worked... Either that, or I'm just imagining things.
Brendan: Micahroho on October 11th, 2002 01:36 pm (UTC)
No, definitely further south, you're not imagining things :) We're right by that Mongolian BBQ we had dinner at that time...just about at the corner of Lake Cook and Buffalo Grove. Whereabouts do you work again? :)
Andyngeran on October 11th, 2002 04:36 pm (UTC)
Ah... Not too far away from where I had thought, then. I'm down at Motorola at the intersection of 53 and Dundee. Prolly 10 minutes or so from where you are. Nifty.

We need to do Mongolian again RSN...
TygerMoon Foxxtygermoonfoxx on October 11th, 2002 01:49 pm (UTC)
YAY! Glad you're back and comfortably moved into your new place. I was missing your commentary and had wondered what happened to you.
Brendan: Micahroho on October 11th, 2002 01:56 pm (UTC)
I pretty much got lazy with everything that was going on! Bad fennec. But I've still been reading everyone's journal regularly, so at least I'm up to date on all that's going on :)
Chrisfrostyw on October 11th, 2002 02:39 pm (UTC)
I had started to worry how things were going for you. It's been a while!

Well, I'm glad to hear that you still have your job. I had heard the news about Abbott earlier in the week, and I was thinking about you. I find it damned odd that they announce massive layoffs in the same breath as major profits. "We just made millions of dollars in profit! Oh, and we're laying off 3% of our workforce."

Congratulations on your 25th! I think at 25 you also get to rent cars without any sort of penalty. It depends on the rental outfit you choose.

Who is your ISP? I can't remember if it was you or Aureth that had Speakeasy.net DSL. I'm going to assume your new ISP is not because SE still gives its alleged dynamic IP customers a static IP address until they find a dynamic IP addressing solution that works well.

Also, OpenBSD is a wonderful OS. I've been running it on meeko here for a few years now, dating back to version 2.6. The ports tree may take some getting used to, but that's true of all three major BSD branches.

Oh, and I'm off to San Diego for two weeks. Today was my last day at work before the trip, and I endeavoured to do next to nothing. Mission accomplished! ;-) I'm actually going through Chicago on Monday, meeting a friend trekking in from Battle Creek, and from there we're going on a railtrip (kinda like a roadtrip but on Amtrak) to LA then SD.

Brendan: Micahroho on October 23rd, 2002 09:10 am (UTC)
Re: Hi!
Yeah, I found it a little odd, too, the combined, "We're doing great!" and "You're outta here!" announcements. Ah well...I've started spotting more people that are just gone now. Starting with the guy in the office right by me. Wonder if it'd be bad form to ask for his office :P

I ended up with Earthlink...Basically, my choices were Earthlink or Ameritech (I'm too far for Covad to reach, but because of a remote terminal, I'm in range for Ameritech, and those two are the only ones who offer service on those lines.) Really, I couldn't be happier with the DSL service so far...Earthlink normally offers static IP, but they can't on Ameritech's RT. So they helped me get everything I'd need to do hosting from a dynamic IP, and they're quite server-friendly in their policies. Highly recommend 'em if you're in a bind for providers :)

Have fun on the road, and thanks for the birthday wishes! :)
R.A. aka R.S.: feelingsexycarradittsu on October 11th, 2002 02:50 pm (UTC)
Happy birthday!
Brendan: Micahroho on October 23rd, 2002 09:15 am (UTC)
Thanks! :)

And I'm rooting for you in the current situation, which I will not speak of here...hope it turns out okay!
Da Horsey Lady: RLsushimare on October 11th, 2002 03:58 pm (UTC)
*Dalia runs over and gives the lil fennec a great big Clydesdale squEEze*

Happy Birthday!!!
Brendan: RLroho on October 23rd, 2002 09:17 am (UTC)
*bursts in a shower of confetti at the bigsqueeze* Ooooof! Dang horses ;)
Rattus scientificusskorzy on October 11th, 2002 04:02 pm (UTC)
Happy Birthday n' all that! Turning 25, sheesh.. want a new box of diapers? :D
Brendan: Micahroho on October 23rd, 2002 09:17 am (UTC)
No, but I'll take any spare Emmies you have lying around ;)
Sarahangelfennec on October 11th, 2002 04:10 pm (UTC)
Happy birthday, Roho. Glad to hear that things seem to be going so well for you. :)
Brendan: Micahroho on October 23rd, 2002 09:21 am (UTC)
Thank you! And I'll also take this opportunity to say, I *love* the new picture of Maybe you posted a little while back. Makes a great userpic! :)
Rebeccageloe on October 11th, 2002 07:01 pm (UTC)
Feren said to, so I come to moq! moq! moq! your great agedness. But essentially: happy birthday, tallears. ;)
Brendan: RLroho on October 23rd, 2002 09:24 am (UTC)
*whine*! I've been moq'ed by a qitten! A qalamity, to be sure! ;)
But thank you, in spite of the moqing ;)
The clearest night is the coldest.octantis on October 11th, 2002 10:23 pm (UTC)
Wha-a-a-at? You're only 25? I can't believe I'm older than you! :: Shakes his cane ::

Hope you had a good one! Glad the move went well, and glad to see you posting again.
Brendan: Hideyroho on October 23rd, 2002 09:28 am (UTC)
Yeah, well, I've got more snakes than you, so nyeah ;) Thanks for the wishes, and I must say, your new vibrating rainbow spider icon scares the bejezus outta me ;)
Giachetta Rigogliosa "Magnavixen" Ruciomagnavixen on October 11th, 2002 10:44 pm (UTC)
Happy Birthday Roho!

Brendan: Snark!roho on October 23rd, 2002 09:34 am (UTC)
Thanks! :)

So, ya like my new icon? ;)
Giachetta Rigogliosa "Magnavixen" Ruciomagnavixen on October 28th, 2002 12:34 am (UTC)
Very snakey indeed. :) Neat.
Kithightensile on October 12th, 2002 10:53 pm (UTC)
. . .
. . .

. . .

. . .

. .POUNCE!!1!
heh heh heh Happy birthday, Roho. I'll buy you a drink next time I see ya. ^.^

Brendan: RLroho on October 23rd, 2002 09:39 am (UTC)
Re: . . .
*OOMPH* No fair, you didn't seem like the pouncing type ;) I'll definitely have a drink with you at the con, I think we'll all need it then ;)
Jammet: happyjammet on October 13th, 2002 12:25 am (UTC)
=^_^= YAY! It's Roho! Happie Birthday day Roho! =^_^=

(Jammet playpounces happily and softly ontop of you, swallows a fake rock in front him him that tastes like chicken, plays dead, leaps snuggling against him and leopardcubpurrcatkisslickrasps his nose very cheerfully for the sake of the future of a happy and healthy Roho for the next 2 Million years and them some, to come! =) I love you very much!! WAnna play? Wanna pounce?)
Brendan: Micahroho on October 23rd, 2002 09:40 am (UTC)
*takes away the rock gently* I told you you're not allowed to eat these anymore. Durn cubs ;)
Thanks for the wishes! And I dunno, I might be too old and brittle now for pouncings ;)