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29 November 2002 @ 10:05 am
You know, I really should update this more frequently...I seem to stockpile 2 or 3 major life events, and then post 'em all at once lately. At least it gives me plenty to write about :P

For the sake of not spamming:

First of all, feren moved in two weeks ago. This was planned, since we have a spare bedroom in the new apartment, feren's looking to buy a house (and this'll help him save money, and not be tied into a lease), and enveri and I can use the cheaper rent to pay off the last of our respective debts. The move went pretty well...feren rented a bigass truck from Penske, which allowed us get all the stuff he wouldn't need for the next several months to neowolf2's house for temporary storage. The truck actually required a CDL that feren doesn't have, so aureth came to the rescue, there. Between myself, feren, enveri, aureth, neowolf2, jenwolf, and masem, we got all the storage-stuff stored in enough time to take a second trip, bringing the panther's bed and such to the new place.

Seems to be working out pretty well...I'm sure things for him are more cramped than he'd like, but it's not too bad for a temporary measure. The cats didn't get along at first...his cat, Ra, learned that he could pretty much chase our cat, Cailet, anywhere he wanted. Then recently, Cailet realized that she's got 4 sets of claws, against Ra's 2, so they've been working out a balance ;)

Midwest Furfest went off successfully, if not quite without a hitch. aureth, you did an incredible job. I spent most of the time alternating between work for the Charity Auction (the chairmanship of which I'd inherited from mirkowuff when he became treasurer) and work for the Art Show (where I was writing the software to handle the receipts and reports). As such, I didn't get to see too terribly much of the con itself, but that's fine by me! Most of what I go to a con for is to see my friends, and in this case, most of my work kept me in close proximity to them, so it's all good ;)

It was a blast working with the people from Animals for Awareness, our charity. They're so very nice, though perhaps a little too polite...I think they were reluctant to ask me to do stuff for them, even though I repeatedly told them I was at their disposal ;) The auction itself went off quite well, despite my best efforts to screw it up, and we ended up raising a very respectable $3022 from that for the charity...a bit of a surprise, since spending was down overall at the con. And for all those what are griping that the charity took away money that would otherwise have been spent on art or dealers room stuff, I've got five words...Bite My Fuzzy Tan Butt ;) Okay, in reality, I can see why this would be a sore point for some people, but I have a hard time feeling guilty about more money going to an animal rescue center ;)

Couple other tidbits on that area...enveri and I might start doing some volunteer work for AFA this year...both working with the animals, and her doing a redesign of the website. I'm glad they seem to have liked both of us and trust us enough for that...I was worried that I'd be a bit of a dissapointment, cause I gotta say, mirkowuff is quite a tough act to follow! Also, I got a picture taken with Morocco the fennec on my lap, which was just the coolest thing. Little guy just zonked right out as soon as he was there, too ;)

The art show went well, too, despite some technical glitches on Saturday night. The software was taking far longer to write than expected, due to some problems with getting it to talk reasonably to the database. I was writing ungodly hacks just to get around the unexplicable glitches. Suddenly, around 11pm, epiphany struck, and I noticed that the field that seemed to give the most troubles was of a different datatype than the rest (text instead of varchar). A quick datatype-conversion by feren later, and suddenly, everything was happy! I was able to cut 75%-90% of the code out of the project...that's how much was dedicated to working around the problems. Turns out that Microsoft's RDO doesn't know how to handle MySQL text...but it tries anyways. So you don't get error messages or anything useful, you just get sporradic and strange problems. I think my coworker was right when he said RDO stands for 'Retarded Data Object'.

In all, it was a stressful but fun con. Was great to see out-of-towners like chebutykin, Poe, frysco, 2_gryphon, Koz, and jadedfox, as well as all the locals and semi-locals. I need to see all these people more!

Finally, last night was Thanksgiving. First, I think everyone was glad for the 4-day weekend to recover from running a con. Actual plans were pretty relaxed...we were gonna go to the house of my only relative in the area, and celebrate there. This is becoming a tradition I rather enjoy, because:
a) She's much more a friend than a relative...aside from not technically being a blood relative (she's I believe a step-aunt once removed), I play AD&D with her once a week, and we share an inordinate fondness for brewpubs ;)
b) The atmosphere is decidedly casual...it's friends and family, wear what you want, nothing is required of you.

So, enveri and I headed out to her place...I brought Great Harvest bread, and she brought dirty rice (being a cajunkitty). The dinner was wonderful, and we had a really nice relaxing time chatting, grazing, and drinking with the folks there :) Just what the doctor ordered!

In short, everything's going well, but very busy. Few nice surprises thrown in there, too, like finding out I'm getting a very sizeable bonus from work in about a week. To borrow from the Qit...life is good :)

Something good: I've replaced the stolen fountain pen with the exact same model, thanks to eBay, so that saga is thankfully closed! And I'm now making sure to always lock up my stuff at work :P

Something bad: feren has to work today, as well as move more stuff over from his old apartment. I'm sure he just doesn't need that.

Something disturbing: The clock. (Furfest attendees know what I'm talking about!)
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werellama on November 29th, 2002 08:54 am (UTC)
Oh my GOD that clock gave me nightmares!
Brendan: Micahroho on November 29th, 2002 09:03 am (UTC)
*grin* The most disturbing part was hearing the AFA folk talk about the clock, in a non-disturbed fashion ;)

And by the way, I never got to thank you for all the help you gave me with the gophers during the con! I know at a couple points, you were low on help and I was needing warm bodies, but you never told me to take a long walk off a short pier...just wanted to let you know it was appreciated greatly :)
Lanakilalanakila on November 29th, 2002 03:56 pm (UTC)
A Wonderful Con Report
Great convention write-up, Roho! I'm glad to have read your thoughts on MFF, and all your hard work to make the convention runs moothly with your contributions. Congratulations on raising so much money for the con's favourite charity! It looks like a wonderful organization to volunteer at, and I hope you and Kestral get the chance to work with the animals on a part-time basis.


That picture of you with the fennec fox is so cool and cute too! Heehee! It's like a dream come true to have a fennec fox nap inside of your lap. I'm very happy for you, Roho! You are doing very well for yourself.


I hope Feren enjoys that "cramped" bedroom quarters he now calls home. :> It's a tight squeeze without any furniture in it! I can't imagine what it would look like with a bed, and a computer, etc. I hope you have brighter lights for the room, and I hope it doesn't get too cold for Feren if he keeps that door closed to prevent the cats from napping with him. :>

You're a good person, Roho. Honest. Giving. Caring. Charitable.

(Now hand me my $5.00 US bucks that you promised to pay me for saying such nice things about ya). ;P
ariointerimlover on December 16th, 2002 09:39 am (UTC)
please join us: