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08 January 2003 @ 02:45 pm
And then a lot of stuff happened!  
Once more, an update of major recent events.

Kes and I headed out east for the holidays. Got the traditional pre-trip Breaking of the Car out of the way, as mentioned in my last entry. Saturday morning, took off around 4am, intending to hit Massachusetts by around 8pm. Set my car's trip computer for the expected mileage, and we were on our way! (I love that computer...you tell it how far you're going, and based on your average speed, it tells you when you'll get there and how many miles are left).

Of course, it was snowing around Buffalo. So that slowed traffic to a crawl for several hours. In one stretch of 2 or so miles, we saw 4 accidents. Some people really just don't do well out in the snow, just by being stupid. News flash to SUV drivers! 4WD does *not* help you brake any faster in inclement weather! Fortunately, the storm didn't extend much past buffalo, and we finished the rest of the trip, arriving at sushimare's place around 10pm local time.

Spent Sunday there with her, and had an absolute blast! We really just needed a day to relax, and hang out with a good friend. It was a shame that skorzy wasn't around, though. We helped bake (and eat) cookies, chatted, the two of them sketched, all around fun time :)

Sunday night, headed to my sister's place in Somerville, a part of Boston. Traffic was delightful, as always...I think I heard Kes humming 'Nearer My God to Thee' as we hit a particularly nasty intersection over the Charles River. My sister was on her way back from Manitoba, so we let ourselves in, and played with the spoiled cats til she got home, and we went to bed. Also gave her her first Christmas gift...a growler of the Wee Heavy Scottish ale from Mickey Finn's, my personal favorite :9

Monday we spent in Boston. Headed out to the North End, and did lunch at Pizzeria Regina. Damn, was it good. Then walked along the Freedom Trail, through the Haymarket, stopping to see the graves of many of the founding fathers at the Granary. Then hopped the T to Central Square, for tea, smoothies, and art supplies, and then back to Harvard Square and home. A bit of rest, then off to one of my sister's favorite bars, The Independent, which was just amazing. Elegant, yet casual, and the service and food were great (despite being desperately shorthanded that night).

Tuesday, off to New Ashford, MA, for Christmas with my extended family. They all loved Kes, and we had a good time overall, though the house can be a bit intimidating for a newcomer ;) (My aunt is big into decorating, so everything looks like stuff you shouldn't touch). While there, we met with more snow...about two feet of it! This pushed our departure back by a day, but we had fun playing GTA in their basement and eating way too much junkfood.

Thursday morning, we departed for Maine. Got to Yarmouth, and collapsed. Didn't really do much, til Friday morning. At that point, we celebrated the family Christmas, and exchanged gifts. Ever since my sister and I moved out on our own and became fairly successful, my parents have started going a little overboard on gifts, which is a bit embarrassing, but fun ;) This year, since I didn't give them too many ideas, the main gift was them covering a good chunk of the cost of a new home theatre setup. Everyone got fun stuff, including Kes, and we got some nice things for around the apartment!

After that, my sister had to head back to Boston, so my father, Kes, and I all went to look at speakers and stuff. After hitting a few places, we decided to take advantage of the huge sale at Cambridge Soundworks, and get a set of their speakers with a really nice Onkyo receiver. Came back, played cards, ate, had fun with family for the next day and a half :)

Sunday morning, we headed back to sushimare's place again, since she was having friends over, and we were up for one more fling before starting the drive west ;) Got to see was1, lyosha and Zephyr, as well as meet spunkywulf, tashabear, and darkwolfie. There was much sketching, eating of pizza, watching of movies, and general banter, they're a really fun crowd :)

Monday, back west. Stopped in Albany to treat the friends who saved my butt last year to lunch. Was great seeing them again! Unfortunately, couldn't stay too terribly long, as we had some 14 hours left to drive. Finally got home around 3am, and collapsed into bed, glad to be home.

Tuesday, we got ready for the new years eve party (just a few friends over). feren and I plugged in the new speakers, wired everything up, and...*boom*. The Onkyo exploded. D'OH! So, that was a no-go, but everything else with the party went smoothly. Except for the hacking cough Kes picked up out east :/ But we drank beer and champagne, ate snacks, talked, played Vice City, all around good time :)

The receiver situation sorted itself out well. Cambridge Soundworks sent out a new one posthaste, just got it hooked up yesterday. It sounds *very* nice, definitely seems to have been a good choice. We'll just have to keep the volume at careful levels so the neighbors don't complain ;)

And in other audio news, I got an Amazon gift certificate from work, which I used to pick up a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum (there's a mouthful!). It's wonderful! After years of wrestling with MIDI cables and joystick ports, and juggling inputs, I now have built-in MIDI and inputs right in a bezel on the front of my case! Bliss! Combined with my old synth that I brought back from Maine, I now have vastly improved ability to compose music...now I just gotta see if I have any remaining talent at it after so long of a break ;)

Something good: The little piano-demo that DTS DVDs do when you select DTS.

Something bad: Inheriting work projects with no specs or documentation, and only a vague idea of what they do.

Something disturbing: Putting close to 3000 miles on a car in a little over a week!
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Willwas1 on January 8th, 2003 01:33 pm (UTC)
Whoa, that's a lot of driving! It was good seeing you again at Lonnie's and nice meeting Kestral.

I'm stuck supporting a couple of old projects at work too, but only in a very small capacity and at least there's a couple of people who know about them.
Chrisfrostyw on January 8th, 2003 03:12 pm (UTC)
I think I heard Kes humming 'Nearer My God to Thee' as we hit a particularly nasty intersection over the Charles River.

Heh. I do that only because I still haven't figured out the interconnecting roads, and I live here. Went into Boston last weekend and ended up second-guessing myself off the proper turnoff from Soldier's Field to Memorial Drive. I ended up having to take Soldier's Field to Western Ave, over the bridge onto Memorial. On the way back, I missed the same turnoff that I'd missed the last time. I suppose the good thing about making the same mistake over and over is that you quickly learn how to get yourself out of it quite easily at the next light.

A bit of rest, then off to one of my sister's favorite bars, The Independent, which was just amazing. Elegant, yet casual, and the service and food were great (despite being desperately shorthanded that night).

Whereabouts in the City is this?

Sounds like you had a great time out this way. :)