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18 December 2003 @ 09:29 am
Okay, the Roho Quiz is now closed! I hope it was fun to take, and that at least a few folks have their curiosity piqued about some of the answers. So, for the curious...

I'm gonna post the question, the possible answers (with how many responses each question got), and then the correct answer with explanation. On to the quiz!

1. What town was Roho born in?

Amherst, MA 8
Springfield, MA 4
Rutland, VT 2
Hanover, NH 9
Fairfax, VA 1

A surprising number of people got this one right. The answer is actually the only of the above towns I've never lived in; I was in Rutland until I was 2, then Springfield for a year while we built the house in Amherst. I moved to Fairfax during High School. But I was born across the border, in Hanover, New Hampshire. Rutland's a really small town, Hanover was apparently the closest city with a good hospital ;)

2. Which of these countries has Roho never been to?

Australia 8
Mexico 8
Canada 1
Denmark 7
United Kingdom 0

My father's job takes him to many countries around the world (he's a consultant for power grids; he was one of the ones California consulted for advice on their market deregulation experiment, he told them their way wouldn't work, they ignored him. But that's neither here nor there ;). I was fortunate to be able to follow after him several times growing up! So, I've been to Australia twice, and the UK once (England, Scotland, and Wales), as well as France. Went to Denmark to visit arkie once. And with Canada being just a short drive from New England, we popped over there a few times. So, the one country on the list that I've never been to is our neighbor to the south!

3. Which of these hazards has Roho never personally faced?

Been trapped indoors during a large earthquake 6
Been trapped under a kayak in white water 0
Fallen into quicksand 15
Been swimming in close proximity to barracuda 2
Been swimming in close proximity to a shark 1

Okay, now we're getting to the more obscure questions ;) This one had the most popular incorrect answer in the quiz. I actually have fallen into quicksand, back near the house in Amherst. There was a large forest behind the house, which I would frequently walk through, off the trails. One winter, I was following a fast-moving stream, walking along the bank, when I sank into the bank up to my waist. The only reason the stream wasn't frozen was due to the speed of the water, and apparently the same speed had caused some areas of the bank to become 'quick'. Needless to say, sinking into water-saturated sand that really should be frozen is not an experience I recommend, and I quickly headed home for a hot bath once I'd extricated myself from the sand ;)

So, if that wasn't the right answer, which one was? Well, I did a lot of kayaking while living out east, and I did get pinned under the kayak once after turning over in some rapids. Probably the scariest experience of my life. And I did a fair amount of snorkeling off the Florida Keys one year, during which I came in close proximity to dozens of large barracuda, as well as one curious shark. But I've never even felt a small earthquake.

4. Which of these creatures has never been a pet of Roho's?

A python 2
A fiddler crab 12
A stray cat 0
A wild bird 3
A hermit crab 7

Well, I currently have a stray cat and a python, so it ain't those two. Actually had a wild bird for a couple weeks as a very young kid...it'd hit the window and survived, but couldn't fly. We 'adopted' it and fed it (called him Chirpman if I remember right), but it wasn't ever able to fly again. So, between the two crab species, I actually used to have fiddler crabs. One of them even escaped once, and was found later, alive and scuttling, behind the dresser! I stopped keeping them not long after that ;) So, the only one I've never had is a hermit crab. Sorry, Spunky!

5. Which of these injuries has Roho never sustained?

Dog bite 5
Cat bite 1
Knife wound 7
Broken bone 6
Accidental needlestick 5

Three of these can be connected to the later question about jobs I've held. Nobody guessed that I hadn't been a veterinary technician, and yes, I was one during my last couple years of high school, and first year of college. During that time, I was bitten by both cats and dogs (once was bitten by a german shepherd, through a lead-lined glove, while X-raying him. Even with the glove, my hand was swollen and red for days). And I did get a couple of accidental needlesticks, which made donating blood interesting for a while. I managed to slash my thumb pretty good with my first swiss army knife, I still have the scar. So the only one on the list I've never had, despite growing up skiing and kayaking, is a plain old broken bone!

6. Which of the following jobs has Roho never held?

Bagel baker 3
Burger flipper 16
Veterinary technician 0
Archery instructor 4
Guy who sits on a street corner and counts cars 1

This was the question the most people got right. Okay, we already discussed the vet tech answer, so that's ruled out ;) I taught archery at the IMPE archery range once a week while at college, until they closed the range for budgetary reasons. My very first job was at a bagel bakery, mostly making sandwiches and bagging bagels at first, though I did get to work in the back some before I left. And if anyone ever offers you a job counting traffic, no matter how brief the stint, think very carefully before you accept; it was the most boring 3 days of my life ;) So, burger flipper it is!

7. How many years older than Roho was his first car?

Same age 8
2 years 3
4 years 5
6 years 5
8 years 3

I bought my first car for $250 during my junior year of high school. It was a 1973 Datsun 610, which places it 4 years older than me. And since I got it when I was 17, it was 21, which meant that it was old enough to drink, but I wasn't. I found this to be a great injustice!

8. Which of the following has Roho at one time or another eaten?

Broiled seagull 5
Seasoned beetle larvae 5
Fried scorpion 2
The Hundred Year Egg (Chinese delicacy) 10
Sea cucumber salad 2

I had fun on this one, making up disturbing food items ;) The Hundred Year Egg actually is a Chinese delicacy, made by covering an egg in ashes, lime, and salt, and burying it for 3 months. I'm intrigued, but I've never had the opportunity to try one. Broiled seagull, fried scorpion, and sea cucumber salad all sound nice and horrifying, but as far as I know, don't exist. But seasoned beetle larvae are available to the common man in the form of Larvets! I got some from Archie McPhee to round out a gift certificate order, and tried all the flavors. To be honest, they're not bad...they pretty much just taste like whatever seasoning is on them, with a nice authoritative cruch.

9. Roho has long had a fear of:

Spiders 7
Frogs 3
Heights 9
Snakes 1
Commitment 4

Okay, no wisecracks that the correct answer is #5 ;) I'm actually quite fond of both snakes and frogs, and while I get a pleasant thrill from heights in the form of roller coasters or a tall building, I'm not afraid of them in any deeper sense than that. But spiders....yeeech! I've been creeped the hell out by them for my whole life. In recent years, I've tried to overcome the fear with moderate success. I can now capture and release one without going into shiver-mode (I won't kill them if I can avoid it, much as I dislike having them around; I know the benefits to having spiders in the vicinity). And I've even handled a few safe species. But still...bleah! Oddly, like many people, this fear doesn't seem to carry through to other arachnids (like scorpions or ticks), or to the chunky, placid spiders like tarantulas. It's just the spindly, quick-moving little buggers.

10. Which instrument has Roho never learned?

Piano 0
Percussion 5
Guitar 4
Bassoon 9
Violin 6

Okay, piano is a bit of a no-brainer, it's right there in my profile and interests ;) I picked that one up at age 9, and haven't stopped since. I took violin for 2 years, during 2nd and 3rd grade, but never really got into it. I started bassoon in the 4th grade, and played it til the end of high school; while I enjoyed it, and was fairly technically proficient, I never really got the 'feel' for the instrument down. Double reeds are very difficult to master, even aside from the fingerings, and I just let it lapse after high school. And during marching band season, you weren't allowed to just sit out for the season and still be in band, and you can't march with a bassoon or a piano, so I took up percussion! Sideline percussion instruments, as well as bass drum. It was a pattern each year; I'd start off on the sideline each year, doing melodic instruments like xylophone, and then whoever was marching the 5th bass drum (the largest and heaviest) would crack and quit, and I'd end up taking over. I took a certain perverse pride in that, since I was always way smaller than whoever quit (one guy who couldn't take the bass drum left to join the football team, heh). It's a great way to get in shape, I'll tell you that much, I could do 100 pushups without breaking a sweat after marching season each year ;) But, anyways, the only one I've never played is the guitar. Couldn't even do twinkle twinkle on it if you asked me to!

So, anyways, almost time for the Christmas family death march! enveri and I leave for New Orleans tomorrow morning, and are being met by her parents for holidays in her hometown. Then off to Florida on Christmas eve, to finish off the holidays with my family (we're gathering at my grandparents' place this year, they've migrated south ;). Should be a chaotic but fun trip! I'm really looking forward to Friday night alone with Genet in New Orleans :)

We exchanged some of our gifts already. I hadn't even thought to ask for it until it was too late, but Genet knows me too well, and got me Ratchet and Clank 2: Going Commando. It's been terribly fun so far, definitely in the spirit of the original! I gave her Pirates of the Caribbean, which she's been talking about getting on video since she saw it in the theatre ;) She's got one more present coming in, I think it arrived at the leasing office yesterday. And we have no idea where Feren's is :P

So, for tonight, we're gonna drag moryssa down here, and take her to BD's! Finish packing, sleep, then she's being kind enough to take us to the airport in the morning. And off we go!

Something good: Getting a sizeable thank-you bonus for all the work you've done on a project over the past couple years. It's nice when management doesn't respond to hard work with, "Well, that's your job, why should we thank you?"

Something bad: Complete brake overhauls

Something disturbing: Ratchet and Clank porn drawings! Aaauugh, my eyes!
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Chrisfrostyw on December 18th, 2003 08:56 am (UTC)
Something disturbing: Ratchet and Clank porn drawings! Aaauugh, my eyes!

It was inevitable, given that Insomniac gave Ratchet someone of his own species (or close enough) to play off. I'll let you watch the video during the closing credits at the end of the game for further inspiration.

I'll echo what some of my friends have told me, the game's difficulty ramps up nicely for most of the game, but then when you hit the last three planets, the difficulty goes right through the roof. Challenging to say the least. :) I've certainly enjoyed it, and I'm going through in "challenge mode" to get all the weapons, nanotech, platinum bolts, raritanium, etc. (I'm a completist. ;))
Will: coon - party - mcafeewas1 on December 18th, 2003 08:56 am (UTC)
Hope you guys have a nice holiday vaction down in New Orleans!
The clearest night is the coldest.: Ol' Greenoctantis on December 18th, 2003 10:42 am (UTC)
I've seen fried scorpion in a bug cookbook once! That's why I answered it. :D

No need to fear the spiders... we love you! ::crawlacross::

Though there are some portions of Return of the King you may have to close your eyes for...
genetenveri on December 18th, 2003 01:45 pm (UTC)
No need to fear the spiders... we love you! ::crawlacross::

EEP! Nooo spider!

It's a fear we share, and there have been nights after he's had a night terror that involves spiders where I've had to restrain myself from stripping the bed to make sure there's none in with us. ;)
Elfasielfasi on December 18th, 2003 05:32 pm (UTC)
Ooh, Ratchet & Clank porn.. Well Ratchet is pretty cute and furry as game characters go ;)
Kithightensile on December 24th, 2003 06:59 pm (UTC)
I actually really like complete brake overhauls. They're one of the easiest things to pick up about a car and, barring rusting problems, one of the easiest to work on. But then, I could just be a freak!