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Wal-Mart dumbness!

Okay, so tonight, enveri and I went out to celebrate her promotion to project manager. Congratulations, love! We headed out to BD's, and had stirfry goodness. Well, she had stirfry, I had their mud pie dessert, since I wasn't hungry enough for the full dinner. Oog, that was a mistake, the mud pie has grown since last we saw it :P

Afterwards, we needed to go get some new slacks for her, for starting the new position. We went to a clothing store, but couldn't find anything that weren't a good foot longer than her legs. So, much as we hate to, we headed for Wal-Mart before heading home.

This is where the dumbness began! I went off to browse the electronics section for DVDs, games, and digital cameras while she searched the clothing. I was in the middle of an AIM conversation on my Sidekick, and didn't see any reason to cease that while I browsed and waited.

After maybe a minute or two, a tallish Indian guy with a mustache comes over, and asks if I need help with anything. I say no, I'm just browsing. He says that they don't let people comparison shop while in the store, to which I responded that I was just idly conversing with a friend and browsing while my girlfriend bought clothes. He seemed to accept this, and wandered off.

A couple minutes later, he comes back. He says that we're not allowed to use scanners to check prices on things. I kinda' blinked, since the Sidekick neither has a scanner, nor looks like it contains one. Plus, I was standing a couple feet back from the DVD shelves, clearly not doing anything remotely related to the DVD barcodes...I hadn't even picked any up! I showed him the phone, and the AIM client, and he wandered off again.

A little later, he comes wandering up a third time, all officious. He outright accuses me of scanning in prices, and says that he's the manager for the section, and all of his associates are concerned by my behavior. At that point, I lost it. I laid into him, and said if he wasn't content to let me browse and chat, when I'd clearly showed him what I was doing, while my girlfriend was off spending a fair amount of money in their store, then I would be happy to remove myself from his presence. I went off, and wandered til I found Genet. She'd bought about $50 in clothing, which we took over to the customer service desk.

After telling our story to the girl at the desk, she called the customer service manager over. We told him the same, and not only was he very apologetic, he said that the gentleman in question isn't even any sort of manager! He agreed that the phone looked nothing like any sort of scanner, and apologized for the behavior of the rude guy. He said he'd file the complaint against him...dunno if he will or not, but it doesn't really matter, we just wanted to make sure that someone knew that harassing the paying customers for fairly innocent behavior is bad business practice. I don't think we'll be going back there, that's for sure!

Something good: Shingleback Australian shiraz

Something bad: Water-saving toilets that you have to flush 28 times, thereby offsetting any possible water savings

Something disturbing: The photography department at Wal-Mart. Nobody, and I mean *nobody*, knew what an SLR was. The guy in the development center had never heard of one, the guys in the electronics section hadn't, they all just kinda' blinked and said, "You want a digital WHAT? SLR? Is that a brand name?" I don't think I'll be getting my film developed there :P
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