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Okay, so enveri and I saw this last weekend, when it first came out, and it's already gone from the theatre we saw it in. So, for anyone who has a taste for the bizarre and artsy, I recommend catching this movie as soon as you can.

The movie is The Triplets of Belleville, a French Canadian animated flick. It only got its release down here in the states after it got oscar nominations for best animated film, and best song, and it doesn't look like it'll be here long.

Fair warning: it's very artsy and satirical. There were maybe 4 lines of dialogue throughout, and long stretches where the action moved at a very slow, deliberate pace. It tells a definite story, but the story develops as it feels like it, and there are long stretches where you'll be completely unsure of where they're going with something. But the animation is fantastic, and the movie itself is definitely an experience. It took both of us until the following morning to decide we actually had liked it, but we both agreed immediately upon leaving the theatre that we were glad we'd seen it.

Trailer available at I take no responsibility for getting that damn jazzy song stuck in anyone's head, though! (That's the one that's up for the oscar)

Something good: Oriental chicken salad

Something bad: Objective Grid

Something disturbing: I...think I might actually be ending up at AC this year!

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