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Ohayo, Ohio!

So, we're still heading east! We crossed over into Ohio sometime around 11:30 last night, and started looking for a hotel. We finally found a little dive-looking inn in the town of Van Wert. The outside and the hallways were pretty shabby, but the room was actually really nice! Not a bad price, either, we saved $30 over the Holiday Inn Express next door. Apparently, staying at a Holiday Inn Express isn't always the smartest thing you can possibly do, despite what the commercials say :P

We met a new friend last night! Sometime around 10:00, we saw flashing blue and red lights in the rear view mirror. D'oh! So, 20 minutes later, we were in possession of the first (and hopefully last) speeding ticket of the trip :P The cop was at least fairly she finished up, she could see enveri was fairly upset, and kinda chuckled consolingly, saying, "Well, everyone speeds, you're just the unlucky one that got caught this time!"

Heh. The freeway we've been following just ended, with a whole bunch of signs saying, "FREEWAY ENDS!" Genet was joking that they were gonna throw us out into a cornfield. Well, that's pretty much exactly what it did ;)

537.4 miles to the hotel!

Something good: Comfy hotel beds

Something bad: 2-lane roads

Something disturbing: The aforementioned freeway-ending-in-corn!

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