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Well, AC has been accomplished! I got to see most people I hoped to...Unfortunately missed jadedfox, melskunk, and magnavixen, but caught most others. The con's just too damn big! Got to meet a few friends for the first time though, which was nice. Always good to be able to put a face to the name. Spent way too much on food, but it was worth it!

Also learned that Philadelphia has some really odd booze laws. We had kenket with us for dinner as we went downtown, but since she's under 21, they wouldn't let her eat at any restaurants after 9pm, if the restaurant sold beer! Seemed a good way to lose business, by segregating the town into 'kids' and 'adults' after 9. Also learned that you can't just buy beer at a liquor store or grocery have to go to a 'beer distributor'. Which we of course tracked down, so we'd have a well-stocked room. It sounds all official and fancy, but really, a beer distributor turns out to be a cramped shack that sells nothing but beer. Some good beer, though!

All told, had a good time. Will probably write something more thorough later, but I'm now in the car with skorzy, heading north on the New Jersey Turnpike. enveri is riding with beerhorse, and was1 is travelling with someone I don't know. Was great to get to spend so much time with gatcat and kenket, as well as the aforementioned roomies, Gat and Kenket's friend Brian, and Kevin. Having a sane, fun group to cling to is what makes the freakier aspects bearable!

P.S. Hey, Will, turn off your high beams! ;)

Something good: Friends

Something bad: Heavy rain during car-packing and driving. Still coming down hard, well outside philly. And the jackass ahead of us doesn't even have his lights on!

Something disturbing: The map program is so determined that we should be taking I-95 north through the Bronx, rather than our planned route, that even when I tell it to go north via the Garden State Parkway, it goes north just as far as the 'via' point, then tells us to turn around and go back to I-95 ;)
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