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17 September 2004 @ 07:19 am
Well, just spent the first night in the new house! enveri and I brought over the futon mattress, along with a few other things (including a very perplexed Snark). Took a bit to cool off the upstairs (a few of the vents were closed, and it's finally been summer-like weather here), but I think we've got it set now! We also stopped on the way in for a few other bare essentials (smoke alarms, shower curtains/rods, DirecTV equipment.)

So, now I'm sitting in the house, waiting for two things; phone line, and furniture. Genet's off at work, and I'm hoping the phone installer arrives closer to 8 than noon (that's the window). Not much to do here otherwise but evict spiders...can't run the vacuum, even, cause our doorbell is rather quiet! And I already did as much as I can with the tools on hand for unclogging the world's narstiest drain.

So...off to find more spiders!
The clearest night is the coldest.: Ol' Greenoctantis on September 18th, 2004 03:22 am (UTC)
Hrmm. Well, widows only turn black and get the hourglass when they're mature, and only the females end up this way. So maybe you had a young and/or male widow. (Widower?) Were there broken up jumbly cobwebs around?

Anyway, I hope they rally to your home's defense outside. :)