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29 August 2001 @ 09:48 am
Did you know...  
... On account of air pollution, the average human blinks 67,000 more times a year now than back in 1901?

... Raccoons will explode if you feed them Pop Rocks?

... Tornadoes are attracted to trailer parks because of the way the air currents move between many low, narrow structures?

... Chicken McNuggets have air pumped into the meat, so they can get the same number of nuggets from half the amount of chickens?

... Most Americans over 40 suffer at least one minor heart attack per year, most of which are never reported and just shrugged off as aches and pains?


Okay, so I made all of these up while sitting here. I get so many forwards of these lists of 'Gospel Facts' that I wanted to see if I could make one of my own ;) Probably ruined it by placing this disclaimer here, but I don't actually want another one of those emails circulating ;P

(Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if one of these turns out to be true, just to prove that the universe is a wonky place. If I'm garotted by the Hamburglar one dark and stormy night, make sure this information gets out to the public!)

The point of this exercise was...well...no real point, I guess. I was just bored, and nothing of any particular note happened yesterday :)

Something good: Food where you eat the container it's served in (taco salads, soup in bread bowls, etc..)

Something bad: Food where the container it's served in, while not technically edible, is more edible than the food itself.

Something disturbing: The Tabasco sauce Sam's Club sells, in what looks like a wine bottle. I can understand buying in bulk, but there's a law of diminishing returns if you only use a few dollops at a time, thus stretching the savings out over a decade!
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