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The Folgers Switch

Well, I've finally done it.

After 6 years or so of using Opera, having purchased it back in the 4.x days and upgraded faithfully since then, I've moved on. I've installed FireFox.

I wanted to be die-hard Opera. I really did. I loved the speed, the no-frills install, the gesture-based browsing, the MDI windows. I loved the fact that I could use my capital to purchase a product that met my needs, rather than having to deal with the fray of the browser wars, where system integration and overloaded functionality were the rules.

But since Opera 6, things have been going downhill. Every time I upgraded, I'd find the post-install setup taking just a bit longer, as I had to disable more and more add-on features that were not only a required part of the install, but enabled by default. I found myself working in an ever more complex environment. And even when the preferences let you disable bells and whistles to a reasonable level, they were always there, lurking in the background...ready to spring to the fore with the brush of an accidental trigger-key. And the performance suffered accordingly.

So, I've moved on. I get a no-frills install again, and a zippy, easy-to-configure interface. And when I want extra functionality, like gesture-based browsing (folks, once you've used it a while, it's like can't go back), I can add it via the handy extensions feature. I don't have a browser trying by default to serve my every whim anymore...I have one that'll let me browse, and will let me tell it specifically what else I would like it to do. I should be happy, and really, I am.

But some part of me still just hates it when a company that I've invested my money, time, and belief in decides to self destruct.
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