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Weekend highlights!

- Discovering the drive to Madison is under 2 hours!
- "We're petting Zuki" "*throws arphalia in the shower, then!*"
- Excellent 50s Diner Food
- "Wow, mommy, look at those people!
- Tagging along in the car with eisenkreis and feren, and discussing the merits of chipmunking Assemblage 23, and David Warnering VNV Nation.
- Managing to steal chebutykin away from OddCon for some catching up.
- Getting to catch up with sleepingzebras, who has apparently relocated a little more local to us!
- Finally meeting the infamous cajones
- Excellent sushi!
- "You didn't finish your wasabi!" *aumph* *aumph*
- Crashing the room party being thrown by chebutykin and cajones, and watching Look Around Youand a new season of an old British sci-fi show. Also getting to chat, smoke, and goof around with folk we'd love to see more of!
- Meeting muskrat_john, and discovering that not only is he far cooler than all his self-proclaimed geekiness would lead one to believe, he also still remembers our favorite BD's waitress!
- Multiple episodes of Farscape, and getting enveri hooked on yet another fun Sci-Fi series ;)
- Cheese curds, custard, and food-comas in the park!

Also, huge thanks to duncandahusky and takaza for coming up to house-sit and keep Briana from exploding! We owe you guys a nice dinner :)

Something good - Dr. Blink
Something bad - Poorly marked interstate exits
Something disturbing - Facebumper!

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