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Well, I was pleasantly surprised to be tagged by haikujaguar for the Music Meme. And since this is one I've been watching with interest in other journals, I'm glad to continue the tradition; I much prefer getting a little insight into a friend's tastes over seeing Which Altoids Flavor They Are ;)

So, my current list of my 6 favorite songs.
1. Tom Waits - Dirt in the Ground
2. The Pogues - Fairytale of New York
3. Assemblage 23 - 30kft
4. William Topley - Drink Called Love
5. Vanessa Mae - The Blessed Spirits
6. Nightwish - Sleeping Sun

1. Tom Waits is probably my favorite artist in recent years, and it was a tough decision picking which of his songs I'd include, or even if I should include more than one. I settled on Dirt in the Ground, because it accomplishes the near-impossible of carrying the message "We're all gonna die", while at the same time managing to be uplifting.

2. A slightly raunchy, but very heartfelt duet between two former lovers, meeting again late in their lives. They reflect on former dreams, and current realities, against the backdrop of New York at Christmastime. I wish this would get rotated in with the more standard Christmas music.

3. A rare song that manages to capture love; not just the usual love between the songwriter and their partner, but the deeper ties of marriage, family, and friendship, and their importance when the end comes. I've yet to meet someone unmoved the first time they hear this song.

4. A more traditional love song. It's here because it's always spoken well to me, Topley sings it beautifully, and because if we can be said to have one, it's mine and enveri's song ;)

5. Don't know if there's much competition for the title, but Vanessa Mae is probably the best popular-music violinist out there. The Blessed Spirits merges a nice gothic chant and orchestration with her violin's song.

6. Just one of those songs that I can't hear without powerful visuals coming to mind. Nothing particularly earth-shaking in the music or lyrics themselves, it's all in the delivery, which is stunning. What a vocal range she has!

Okay, and traditionally, I'm supposed to pick six friends that I'd like to see the 6 favorites from. I'd be curious about pretty much anyone on my friends list, but that's a lot of tagging ;) So, if any of you are interested, I choose a number of semi-local friends whose music collections I already get brief glimpses of:
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