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So, I'm showering this morning, and Marcus (the Cat of Many Prrts) silently enters the bathroom. He does this often; the shower fascinates him. Sometimes he'll stand between the two curtains, and bat at the occupant through the vinyl. Sometimes he'll perch on the toilet and make noises. Sometimes he'll sit on the bathroom scale and try to look cute.

Today, he flushed the toilet. While I was showering.

Why can't we have good pets?

Furthermore, behold: The Cuteness! That's my snake character, and enveri's character being tooth rotting, as sketched by spunkywulf. She's still doing Sketches For Katrina, I encourage folks to check out her journal for details!

As for the topic of Katrina, I'm just going to speak briefly on the blame game I've seen tossed around a lot in LJ recently. I'm now going to indulge in a little of it myself. I feel fully confident in placing some hefty blame on this group.

The Bureaucrats.

For every inspector who looked at a civilian offering their boat and services, and had the good sense to ask, "But do the seat cushions meet current floatation requirement standards?"

For every relief official who had the foresight to ask himself, "Does this truckload of food and water have a valid state inspection sticker?"

For every paper pusher who, when faced with volunteers and supplies, made sure to ask the necessary question, "Did you get the memo about the new TPS report cover page?"

For every middleman who, upon offer of buses for transporting refugees, remembered to send the volunteers home until he could clear everything with his manager.

Seriously. When did we become the Vogons?

In happier news, another brew is in the works! Should be quite ready for drinking by convention-time. Got another in the wings, too, probably gonna start that one this weekend.

Something good: Cashews

Something bad: Too much to comment on. My thoughts are with everyone along the Gulf Coast, and those with loved ones there.

Something disturbing: Ualuealuealeuale
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