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Random Updates

First off, thanks to everyone who posted on the last entry. Snark was indeed a good snake, and it was touching to see how many guests in our home remembered her fondly.

Other stuff has been changing recently, as well! For starters, my trusty old Saab was starting to have more and more trouble with the daily commute. So while it was still trade-in-worthy, I traded it in, and bought my first ever new car - a 2007 Subaru Outback:

I was gratified to see as I drove off that the Saab was already being cleaned up for sale at the dealership...It's in a college town, and will most likely make for an excellent student car. Happy retirement, old gal.

Work itself has been quite insane; not going to go too much into it here, but it's mostly been good stuff. Hopefully there won't be any more 300-hour months for a while, though!

Switching gears, sans clutch...I may be moving more money into investments starting next year. Before we bought the house, I had a Scottrade account; it's now inactive, but could be reactivated. I was fairly pleased with them, but it's been a number of years. Anyone have any alternate recommendations? I'd mainly be placing market orders, buy-and-hold, no Options or anything.

And lastly, some may have noticed the adorable snake-face in my userpic. It's from an image I commissioned from the talented and snake-loving Bowrll, of a snuggle between my snake-character and enveri's wah. Tooth-rotting, so be warned!
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