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On headaches and life

Well, I've got one of those headaches. You know, the ones where you worry about losing your dinner, as if your stomach feels sympathetic for your cranium. So, hey, might end up taking tomorrow off from work, which wouldn't be all bad!

In case anyone out there is actually reading this, I thought I might put down my reasons for the '3 things' I note daily. Lots of people try to find one good thing in the day, to keep a good outlook. I figure that's only part of the battle. The only people who don't notice bad things are generally vertical and underground. So, I think commenting on on the bad things helps to appreciate the good things more. As for something disturbing...well, there's a lot of really disturbing stuff in the world, and if I ever stop noticing it, I'll figure I'm in trouble.

Anyways, I was gonna spare some of today to talk about A.I., but head throbbing makes thinking of anything a little difficult, so without further ado:

Something good. I got comments! I'm commented, therefore I am. Thanks, Jen and Fer :)

Something bad. Headaches. Nuff said.

Something disturbing. Starting to see adverts for the next season of reality shows during my daily Simpsons fix.
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