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Huh. I'm not sure why I didn't think of it before, but...I like it!

When lacking for other things to post about, I shall post about beer.

A little clarification on that - I love beer. For some people, their comfort food is mac & cheese, others meatloaf. For me, beer. Which puts me in an odd position among professional beer guzzlers. Many will grade brews on a variety of fairly quantifiable scales; aroma, taste, adherence to style, etc. This is honestly all well and good, but it's the way a connoisseur approaches food. Your average food critic wouldn't give Kraft Mac & Cheese a very good review, and your average beer reviewer wouldn't look twice at a macrobrew.

I'll be reviewing much more subjectively. Beer makes me happy, and I came to a realization some time back. I was browsing a popular ratings site, and out of curiosity, looked up the #1, most awesome, best beer in the world. It was a very expensive, limited, hard-to-find brew, made by Belgian monks, and competition for each bottle was fierce.

At that time, it ranked 4.5 out of 5.

For anyone curious, that's about a B+. Best beer in the world. The aforementioned realization was that some of these people analyzing each sip like a gas chromatograph would never be truly happy with a beer. They'd never find an ale that met their expectations. They are so focused on minor imperfections in the style that they sometimes forget the most basic question of all: "Did you like it?"

I won't like every beer I post about. But I'll taste drink each one fairly, and write about its good points, and its bad. I'll be unashamedly biased - some beers will get an unfair advantage due to pleasant associations from my past. But that just gets back to the above paragraphs - if you want clinical, unbiased reviews, there are already plenty of sites for that. I've dabbled in homebrew, and am not ignorant of the technical trappings of the craft, and some of it may make it into the reviews; but it won't be as a factor in grading. In fact, I won't be using grades at all. And I sure as hell won't be using any spitting buckets.

So, I'll close for now, but I'll leave you with the immortal words of Father Jack, from the icon above - DRINK!
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