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Post weekend post

This weekend seemed to be the time for things to start getting back to quasi-normal. Not putting it behind us, or forgetting it and moving on...but most people seem to be going back to their normal routines, around the chaos resulting from the events of last week. This is good...we musn't forget, but we do need to go on with our lives, this is important.

So, I had a fairly decent weekend. Friday night, Sci-Fi made an interesting choice with Farscape. Initially, I think they were supposed to be showing one of the darker episodes, but they replaced it with a really silly one. I approved of this, cause the really silly one was also really good, and one I'd missed the first time. Definitely what the doctor ordered after last week. For those who follow Farscape, it was the one where Crichton gets knocked out, and has dreams of the crew of Moya and himself as Chuck Jones-style cartoons. Scorpius with corks in his head is priceless!

As a side note, this wasn't the only substitution I've seen since Tuesday. One of the Starz-lineup replaced Passenger 57 (air hijacking movie) with American Pie. Good call, I'd say.

Saturday, I did a ridiculous amount of cleaning. Sorted through all the old paper in my desk, and around the apartment, which is now very clean. Clearing the desk then made it easier to sit down and work on the artshow software for a few hours. Did that, then headed out on a booze expedition.

Booze expedition turned out to be remarkably fun. It'd started the week before as just a plan to go get some fun ethanol products at a Chicago specialty store. Then we decided to get food first at Goose Island. Then various old college friends said they'd like to come along too, and the rest is history. Had good company, good conversation, and good beer. Was another 'Just what the doctor ordered' event.

At the booze store, I picked up a bottle of rum. Specifically, a bottle of Appleton Estate 21-year oak-cask aged blended dark rum. I'd been looking for that particular spirit for years, and finally got some. It's really really'll put hair on your chest, and fire in your belly, that's for sure. I'm gonna have to make that bottle last a while,'s expensive :P (Oh, and a limited edition each year, apparently, I got bottle 9974 out of 12000 ;P)

Little dumbness there, too. I put 'Please Check ID' on the back of my credit cards, like many paranoid people do. Since I've got a check-card, I figure this will make it a little harder for someone who finds/steals my wallet to drain my checking account before I can cancel the card. They'd have to either have the exact same name as me, or look like me. Anyways, the store wouldn't accept that. "I'm sorry, sir, but you have to sign the back of your card." "I can't do that, I've already put Please Check ID there." "I'm sorry sir, but you have to sign the back of your card. Otherwise how do we know it's your card?" I just can't follow this's definitely my card if it's got an illegibile ink scrawl on it? I'd think a photo ID *and* the ink scrawl would be much better proof, but hey, what do I know?

Sunday, more artshow, and more cleaning. I will admit here, in public, in an open forum, that in the grand scheme of things, hard water buildup and soap scum rank somewhere pretty low on my hierarchy of importance :P So, got that taken care of Sunday, settled to write more code, and also watched Big Trouble in Little China. Good movie, hadn't seen it in a while. I oughta' get that one on DVD, John Carpenter being surreal is fun.

Oh, and my home network is finally working! It's very nice to finally be able to receive email directly again, and run various servers.
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