Brazil Phone Madness

A suggestion

This is for any company with a Multimedia Extravaganza(tm) for a website. Not just as an intro video, or as part of a side-menu, but for their entire site. My suggestion to you is; why stop there?

I mean look, your customers may still be getting useful information about you by calling your company. You remember phones, right? That stodgy IVR system you have? Picture this! A customer calls, perhaps in search of locations where they may buy your product.

"Thank you for calling OCP. We value your business! You are walking through a forest. Ahead of you, a light flickers among the trees."
"Press 1 to draw your sword."
"Press 2 to turn back."
"Press 3 call out to the light."
"You have selected 1. As you unsheathe your blade, the light emerges from the trees. It turns out to be a torch, wielded by a kobold! He turns toward you, seeing your weapon at the ready. His face curls into a menacing snarl."
"Press 1 to attack."
"Press 2 to attempt parley."
"Press 3 to flee."
"You have requested Operator Assistance. The Operator bursts from the nearby trees, and is quickly slain by the kobold."
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My road-trip tale of DeLorme's awesome customer service made it onto The Consumerist today! Awesome!

Update: Apparently now it's on BoingBoing too! I really hope this drives some business their way...not that they're hurting, but their handheld GPS isn't as recognizable yet as the older big-hitters like Garmin, Magellan, etc, most folks getting into the GPS market don't even know they have one.
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Brazil Phone Madness

(no subject)

I went to bed sometime around 11:30 last night, midway through an installation for work, with the intent of finishing it in the morning after some files copied.

I was awakened by a particularly loud train whistle at 4:30am. For about a minute, I was convinced that my dereliction of duty had caused a train derailment.

I think this is a good indication that I'm working too hard!
Yeah I'm bad

Call me a Joad..

..cause I'm off to California again.

Flying out Sunday afternoon, and returning home next Thursday. As usual, it'll be a pretty busy trip, but workload-permitting, I should be able to sneak off for dinner one night if any of the San Jose-ish locals are around. I'm thinking Tuesday or Wednesday are the more likely culprits.

Also, I need a vacation. Seriously...I have to find a way to use 16 vacation days between now and December. Maybe I'll just take December off :P
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Random Updates

First off, thanks to everyone who posted on the last entry. Snark was indeed a good snake, and it was touching to see how many guests in our home remembered her fondly.

Other stuff has been changing recently, as well! For starters, my trusty old Saab was starting to have more and more trouble with the daily commute. So while it was still trade-in-worthy, I traded it in, and bought my first ever new car - a 2007 Subaru Outback:

I was gratified to see as I drove off that the Saab was already being cleaned up for sale at the dealership...It's in a college town, and will most likely make for an excellent student car. Happy retirement, old gal.

Work itself has been quite insane; not going to go too much into it here, but it's mostly been good stuff. Hopefully there won't be any more 300-hour months for a while, though!

Switching gears, sans clutch...I may be moving more money into investments starting next year. Before we bought the house, I had a Scottrade account; it's now inactive, but could be reactivated. I was fairly pleased with them, but it's been a number of years. Anyone have any alternate recommendations? I'd mainly be placing market orders, buy-and-hold, no Options or anything.

And lastly, some may have noticed the adorable snake-face in my userpic. It's from an image I commissioned from the talented and snake-loving Bowrll, of a snuggle between my snake-character and enveri's wah. Tooth-rotting, so be warned!
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Snark ? - 2007

We never knew her origins for sure...or even if she was a she. She came from a pet store that swore she was captive-bred and less than a year old, but a visit to the vet confirmed that she was probably wild-caught, and already an adult when I took her in. For a wild African snake, you'd never meet a sweeter reptile.

Rest in peace, Snark...I hope the snakey-afterlife is full of plenty of warm cleavage to coil up in, and mice that aren't scary.
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Mr. Hand

(no subject)

There's nothing like driving dark, twisting, forested roads with lightning flashing overhead and Mitternacht blasting on the stereo to make you feel like your life's a great deal more epic than it actually is.
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There's Always a Formula

Much as I try to avoid it, I end up at a Wal-Mart from time to time. Usually this would be the one right next to where I work, or the one close to home. Coincidentally, these are both fairly new stores, built at almost the same time.

I can't help but notice that the Wal-Mart by home is flush with 'U-Scan-It' (customer-operated) checkout lanes, while the one by work has not a single one. I got to pondering; somewhere, in some corporate database, there's a policy and a formula for determination of whether a new store gets customer-operated checkout lanes.

I would love to see it!

Edit: I meant to add, the one by home is in a fairly rural 'village', while the one by work is in a small city. So the areas are different across almost any demographic you can name!
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Due to a power failure last Friday, the last of the bottle of KeKe Key Lime Pie Liqueur apparently met its end. This is very sad!1 In honor of its passing, I thought I'd share a few facts I'd gleaned.
  • The product description states "Taste the creamy flavor of Key Lime Pie with just a hint of graham." They might want to consider putting that last bit on the bottle, instead of just the website.

  • According to the Wikipedia article on it, it will not curdle, in contrast to most other cream-based liqueurs. They state that it can thusly be mixed with acidic mixers, such as beer and coffee. Yum!

  • Okay, it really wasn't that bad, but the whole graham liqueur concept is quite alarming. I think they should follow it up with other dessert liqueurs. If anyone wants to bankroll my 'Deep Fried Twinkie' liqueur concept, I'm currently accepting venture capital!

1Not really
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